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Click on a date to read my comments for the date listed.

April 15 The miles are adding up.
April 30  Getting ready for a double century ride. 
May 3   Habitat for Humanity National Day of Prayer breakfast.
May 4   Two bikes, two rides.  A ride with the guys from Bridgestone/Firestone.
May 6  It is easier to climb the hills when you pack light.
May 10  Joining a bike club makes riding a fun and social event.
May 15  A 200 mile weekend.  TOSRV 2001.
May 21  Choosing how I will ship my bike to Oregon.
May 24 Wet bike shoes.
May 25  I get asked questions.
May 26 Stronger and getting psyched out. 
May 29 Taking a  naked-bike bike ride.
June 3 Marietta River Rendezvous
June 4 I know I am addicted to bicycling when . . . 
June 6 A farewell from my renewal sisters
June 7 Trying to stay mellow this last week.
June 11 Bike Club riders and getting my bike ready - PHOTOS


How I started to Bike

  Pre-trip Notes


The Bike Route

My Ride Journal

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