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Sara Bikes USA

June 16, 2001 to August 5, 2001

50 days - Over 3,600 Miles



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How I started to Bike

 Pre-trip Notes


The Bike Route

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Hello my name is Sara.

Sara's Ready to Roll!  

 My Independent Fabrication 50cm Crown Jewel sport-road bike


Thanks for visiting Sara Bikes USA! Be sure to return to this 

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 Read MY RIDE JOURNAL as I bike from Astoria, Oregon  to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, June 16-Aug 5. 


Archive of my pre-trip notes  




     We had a wonderful June day for a bike ride on Sunday, June 10.  The Folks On Spokes Bike Club went on a leisurely bike ride to enjoy the warm sunny day.  Click on the thumbnail below to enlarge the picture.


FolksOnSpokesJun10.jpg (34251 bytes)      FolksOnSpokesRiders.jpg (36903 bytes)

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Some people on the ride with Folks On Spokes Bike Club


Jim P. owns a Mazda sportscar. He built his own bike rack to transport his bike. It is quite a sight to see him going down the road with his bike leading the way. Check it out.  

Jim and his Mazda.jpg (28462 bytes) MazdaRack.JPG (23672 bytes)

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Have car will go. . . with bike


     I had to get my blue steel steed all washed up ready to pack and ship to Astoria, Oregon.  I find it handy to wash and polish my bike by hanging the bike on the car bike-rack.  Click on the thumbnail below to enlarge the picture.


CleanWashedBike.jpg (36603 bytes) 

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I'm getting my bike nice and clean to put in the packing box.


  Archive of my pre-trip notes  




I am biking to raise money for

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Canton


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"I Thought of it while on my bike"

-Albert Einstein, 1933


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"I am with you and will watch

over you wherever you go. . ."

Genesis 28:15