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July 29


Sunday, July 29th††† †††† Niagara Falls NY††††† Rest day!†††††††† 0 miles†††††† 0 feet of climb


This was the groupís rest day.


†††† I drove up to Niagara Falls which took 4 1/2 hours and spent Saturday afternoon and evening and all day Sunday with Sara.I helped Larry unload the luggage truck and met and ate with the group of bikers on Saturday.


†††† Saturday evening we drove over the peace bridge to Canada and took part in the various tourist trap activities.It was fun.What a zoo that place is!


†††† Sunday we ate breakfast at Momís diner, went to Mass at Prince of Peace Church,ate lunch at a Chinese buffet, browsed at a bicycle shop, had Ice Cream at Dee-Deeís, went to a huge indoor Prime Outlet Mall, watched Lance win the Tour De France on OLN, cleaned my bike ( Yes, I took my bike along just in case ) and basically we just hung out.


†††† Sara has a bikerís tan that is as dark as any self respecting construction workerís,is in great shape, has lost some weight and has her hair cut shorter than most of the guys.


†††† She is having entirely too much fun!