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July 30


Hi - library was real close.I'm using a terminal with a 15 minute limit.From 4-5, I can have an hour.I'll see what I can send right now!


Monday, July 30Niagara Falls, NY to Rochester, NY††††††† 77 miles


†††† Another perfect weather day for a bike ride in the country.What a nice rolling ride these 77 miles were today.I got in at just after 1 PM.But our luggage wasn't here.Something unfortunate has happened to our dear luggage man, Larry.This morning when he was lifting and taking care of luggage and some bikes that were in the truck, he accidentally pulled a muscle in the back of his right leg.It hurt him so much that he got sick and dizzy.He was taken to the local hospital to have it checked out.So we don't know anything more at this time and don't know when our luggage will arrive.Those of us arriving at the Days Inn were just sitting around and visiting and taking off in different directions to eat some lunch and find out what is here in this city.


I went and had lunch and asked the waitress where the local public library was.She gave me directions - a very short 2 miles from the motel.Two men eating in the booth next to ours over heard the conversation and as I was leaving they said, "you won't want to go that way to the library.There is a BIG hill on that road."I and those leaving with me started to laugh and told the men that if we could climb over the Cascade, the Rockies, and the pimples we had on the roads from Niagara to here, we sure aren't afraid of that so called "hill" up the road!Then they had to know all about our trip and were stunned to find out we have biked 3,000 miles already.


So I am here at the library typing in my entry for today and sending it on to Paul for him to publish to the web site.


†††† This morning it was cloudy and very overcast the whole time we were riding.Only about the last two miles did the sun peek through.I have been so lucky not to have been in any rain storms.The only really wet wet day was back in South Dakota on a 10 miles stretch from Wall to Phillip.The only time I have had to put my rain gear on.What a nice thing this has been on this trip not to be in any lightening.Oops, I forgot - I had ridden in the downpour coming down from the mountain road near Tombstone, South Dakota.†† Just can't complain about the rain.So far, so good.


†††† The phantom green bean produce truck was out again today.On hwy 253 for 6 miles there were green beans every few feet on the shoulder of the road.I think those beans were jumping off the truck to avoid a certain death on the chopping blocks at a local cannery where they were headed.


†††† I didn't sleep very well last night.So I should go back to my motel room and take a nap.It was pretty slow at the wheel for the first 30 miles today, I kept yawning and knew I just didn't get enough rest last night. I need to get plenty of sleep and rest this week as Friday and Saturday will be lots of climbing in the Berkshire Mountains in Eastern New York.


These six weeks have gone so fast!!As I started out this morning, I just can hardly believe we have just this week left.I'll be home a week from today!I still look forward to each and every day.It is always an adventure of new scenes and new challenges every time I get on my bike.I love it.It has been wonderful - and itís all going so fast to the conclusion.††