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July 28

Saturday, July 28,Brantford, ONTtoNiagara Falls, NY††††††††† 77.94 miles


†††† Today I had a few biomechanical problems that plagued me most of the ride.My butt hurt the whole time, my knee hurt in a different place the whole time and my legs in general were working like a couple of pieces of lead.Slow in other words.


I really wanted to get in from the ride fast because I knew Paul would probably be at the motel by noon.But I just couldnít get my speed up, I was struggling the whole time.It was a great sunny day, with low humidity and just perfect riding temperature.††† The scenery was again today interesting and that made the ride a nice adventure.We had both flat areas for a while and then some rolling terrain and a few sharp climbs.Total elevation climbed was 1,660 feet.The wind wasnít too bad, only a few stretches where we had to battle with it.We were kept off most of the busy roads until just a mile out of Niagara Falls, Canada.


I saw quite a few orchards again today.Apricot trees and (tart) cherry trees.Fields of barley were being combined and the straw baled in those big round bales.


Just on the outskirts of Niagara, I stopped at a beautiful shrine.It is the Shrine of the Little Flower. In memory of St Theresa.There was a Carmelite monastery there too.Just as I was coming out on to the road from it, Padre Jim rode by and I told him to be sure and check it out.So he turned in to the road that led up to the place.


It was just about a mile further and then I turned down Murray Street that went right down to the Niagara Falls.There were millions of people on all the sidewalks.I stopped briefly by the Falls and had a picture taken.There was so much traffic and so many zillions of tourists that I didnít stay very long.I continued to follow our cue sheet and rode on up over the Rainbow Bridge and through customs into Niagara Falls, New York.It was about another six miles to ride out to where our motel was on Niagara Falls Blvd.They had a nice designated bike lane on the street.That was great because the traffic was really heavy.


Paul was in the parking lot and saw me coming up the street.It was so nice to see him!He had gotten there early and had brought his bike along.He had planned to ride out until he met up with me.When Larry the luggage man showed him the route and the very long one-way street we had to be on during part of the ride he figured just his luck he would be on the one-way going the opposite way, and miss me.


Since Paul was here by noon, he helped Larry unload the luggage truck and take all the luggage into the holding room into the motel.


†††† After dinner and route rap, Paul and I went back down to the Falls.The streets and sidewalks were as crowded then as in the daytime.The sidewalks were not wide enough in places so people were in the streets walking along.A real congested mess.But we saw the Falls at night and saw it all lit up with the colored lights.


†††It is good to be back in the States.At this point in the route 10 new riders are going in the group to ride the last stretch, this final week.††