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July 27


Friday, July 27           London, ONT   to Brantford, ONT          67 miles


     Yesterday, the wind drove me fully insane.  Today, only half insane.  Overall today was a beautiful ride even  going into the wind.  Because it was blowing less today we all felt lucky.  It was shorter mileage so we took it slow and easy.  Our breakfast wasn’t scheduled until 7:30 which the early birds weren’t too happy about.  The wind is less in the very early hours and I would have liked to have been out by 6:30.  But it turned out fine and I still got in by 2 PM.


     The sights were nice today all along the way on the back country roads we were on.  Big farms everywhere with acres and acres of crops.  I saw cherry orchards, lots of tobacco fields, golden oats and come barley crops too.  Most of those fields of oats were just now being harvested.  The other interesting crop grown here is Ginseng.  Hundreds  of acres of it.  The rows are all raised beds and then the entire crop is under a black mesh raised cover.  The “tent” that shades the growing ginseng is about five feet above the crop. It must be a great deal of work to get all that cover attached to the network of poles over many acres.  I noticed a lot more flowers today too.  There seemed  to be lots of hollyhocks in many different colors.


     After I settled in my room and got out of my lycra, I asked directions to the public library.  Only a short way the clerk said.  I decided to walk instead of bike.  The traffic was bumper to bumper out on the road so I didn’t want to get back into it on the bike.  The walk to the library was nearly 40 minutes, but I did enjoy seeing the semi residential and business area on the walk.  Thanks  everyone for your e-mails.  They mean a lot to me!


     Dinner tonight was right here at the Holiday Inn in the ballroom.  It was above average food tonight.  They served two kinds of lasagna, herb baked chicken, mixed vegetables, wheat rolls, mixed salad greens and cherry cheesecake for dessert.  The kitchen was still bringing out the food to the serving table when most of us were already there fifteen minutes ahead of time.  The cheesecake was all in plates on a table so we got tired of waiting and we all got up and took our dessert – and ate it first.  Then at 6:00 ( the scheduled time of the dinner ) we all jumped up and formed two lines at the buffet. The kitchen help who were trying to get everything set up were taken back by the herd of hungry people.   They were trying to light those little flames under the food trays.  We told them, “Don’t bother, the food won’t be there long enough to need those little flames!”  they just looked at us really strange.  Yes, we know that most people coming into a banquet room are much more civil, but starved cyclists are a different species.


     Our cue sheet for tomorrow’s ride to Niagara Falls, NY has lots and lots of turns.  Doug is trying to keep us off some of the big main roads as much as possible as it will be very busy around Niagara Falls.


     I hope the wind changes,  it sure would help me get in early.  Paul should be there when I arrive.


     Time to remove my ice packs.  My knees are really aching after these days riding into the wind.  I rarely ever have any complaints about leg or knee problems, but the strong winds made the legs work so hard.  There were others who had this complaint tonight too.  The ice treatment will take care of it and they’ll be fine in the morning.


     A comment Gail heard the other day back when we were riding in the awful heat brought a chuckle.  Big Jim said,  “It’s so hot my brain melted and turned to Mush”.

I guess it was Brian who was riding with him said,  “It’s so hot my brain melted and turned to Mush and ran out my nose!”


     Day 42 coming up tomorrow.  Wow!  Our 50 days are almost up.