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Cheer me on as I bike across America!

You can help me to 

"Hammer it Home"

Habitat for Humanity

of the Greater Canton Area

Make a Donation to Habitat For Humanity and Help Eliminate Poverty Housing

Print out this form or just provide the information below on a piece of paper and mail your donation.  No contribution will go to defray any of my own expenses.  Your donation goes directly to HFH to build more homes!  Donations are tax-deductible.


SPONSOR'S NAME:  ___________________________________________________

ADDRESS:  ___________________________________________________________

CITY _________________________  STATE __________  ZIP CODE ____________

     I would like to make a per-mile donation of $_________._____

        (Pledge per mile should be based on 3,600 miles) (Example:  1 cent per mile would be $36.00)

     I would like to make a flat donation of $____________

    Please make payable to:  Habitat for Humanity

Mail ToHFH of  Greater Canton --  Attn:  Sara Bikes USA --  PO Box 21234 --  Canton, OH  44701                                                         

Your Contribution is tax-deductible