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June 30


Saturday, June 30†††††††††††††††††††Blackfoot, ID to Idaho Falls, ID


(oops, I forgot the stats back at the hotel - will send next time)


†††† Another beautiful day for a bike ride!We couldn't load our luggage until after the 8 AM breakfast.It was such a short ride, 35 miles, that they wanted to hold us back a little or we would get to the hotel before rooms are ready.


Both dinner and breakfast were catered by The Shilling House.†† Fabulous.Dinner last night was outdoors and they had such a scrumptious spread of food. We will all remember this meal.The fresh baked homemade brownies, homemade cookies and the to-die-for peach cobbler was outstanding.From the hot coal grills, we were served bar-b-qued chicken and in cast iron kettles, hanging over the coals was a potato casserole (Idaho, no doubt). Fancy greens in the tossed salad, 2 kinds of lasagnas, cooked carrots, and along with homemade baked bread rolls. We were stuffed to the gills when we left the tables.The breakfast this morning was again a wonderful array of fresh home prepared food.We bikers are like heathens when we get in line for food!


†††† The very short 35 mile ride from Blackfoot to Idaho Falls was a cool, sunny and quiet ride.Again, being out here in cowboy land, I passed many horse farms, cattle ranches, and of course Idaho potato fields everywhere.I sometimes listen to my tiny AM/FM radio that I put in my back pocket of my jersey.Can't find any music other than country and western.That figures, out here in cowboy western Idaho.99 % of the men I see are dressed in cowboy hats, boots and have big, bigger and the biggest silver buckles I've ever seen on their belts! I just keep say'n "howdy" to 'em all!Road kill count on today's ride:2 shriveled up Idaho potatoes!


We came into Idaho Falls on the busy main roads and saw the downtown area.Passed the public library, and I knew I would head for that as soon as I got check in to the hotel.I have to check my e-mail and I could e-mail my journal home too.When we crossed over the Snake River ( for the umpteenth time) it was a breathtaking view of water falls.It is some famous site connected with history too.I stopped to read the history sign, but can't remember who the important people were.Something about the settlers were establishing a route to the gold mines in Montana from Idaho Falls.My room has a fabulous view from the 7th floor looking out on the rushing water of the falls.Very Kodak Moment scene.

†††† The next five days until our next rest day in Casper, WY will be some long and tough days.We have to climb Teton Mountain pass, well above 9,000 feet.One of the gals is so afraid of heights, she is already freaking out about the height.


I rode with Burt this morning for a while, and he has driven on that rode in a car over that mountain and says it is quite a climb.My legs are getting stronger and stronger.I'll make it.We kid each other sometimes on these more strenuous climbs by singing out: "I think I can, I think I can. . ."And we make it every time!

This afternoon a group of us are going to church at 5 PM.We'll have to stop for dinner somewhere on the way back, as the ABB scheduled dinner is also at 5 PM.

††† ††† I want to thank all who have sent me such encouraging e-mails.They mean a lot to me.Your prayers are giving me so much strength. I still have to pinch myself to see if this whole adventure of crossing America is for real, and that I really am doing this!At breakfast this morning a few of us were discussing if we considered this a vacation.Some said definitely.Some said, it beats sitting at the office and answering phone calls or seeing patients all day. Others thought it wasn't a vacation, exactly, but quite a responsibility each day to get in the riding and get ready for the next day.A LOT of hard WORK - but so much different than "real lifeĒ back home.

I wish you could see my photos, but hang in there and check back on the site and I'll put them on the web pages just as soon as my laptop starts working (hopefully) or surely when I get home.

††† I can hardly believe we will be leaving Idaho behind tomorrow.


†††† After I arrived at the hotel and it was lunch time, I found a great place to eat just down the street in a nice location with unique shops.We ate at The Snakebite. (Will I ever get out of snake country???).The food wasmuch better than the names on the menu.Some of the selections were: Rattler Rings, Python Chicken Strips, Boa Sirloin, Snake burger, King Cobra Burger, The Garden Snake Burger, Viper Salmon Burger, and the yummy Deadly Strike Burger.The Idaho potato waffle fries were the biggest, best fries Iíve ever seen.I sure do talk about food a lot, don't I?That'swhat my life is about these days - eat, ride, sleep and repeat.


††† Thank you to ALL who are cheering me on with a donation to Habitat For Humanity.The house in Canton is under construction.Thanks in part to all of you. God bless you all.Keep me in your prayers. Tough riding days ahead through the Teton's.