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June 29


Friday, June 29††††† Blackfoot, ID†† to†† Idaho Falls, Idaho††††††† 111.6 miles†††† 1,900 feet of climb †††††††††7:50:39 saddle time


††††††††† It was a great day!What a ride,After a delicious breakfast at the Best Western.Nancy and I showed up at 5:30 AM and it was all ready to be served so we ate early.It wasnít scheduled until 6 AM. I was on the road by 6 AM.Bob from Sacramento, CA, came up and we rode together the entire day,What a boost that was for me.He made me really push myself and we stopped at all three SAG stops for less that 10 minutes each time.Filled the water , ate some watermelon, fig newtons, bananas and we weíre outa there.


This was the easiest 111 miles Iíve ever done.The first 30 miles had some rolling terrain down along the Snake River.But there was one area for another 30 miles that had NOTHING.For as far as you could see it was open range.Didnít see a sing of lifeor a house or building anywhere.I thought if you had a heart attack out there you would never be found, never would you get to any place for help.And with only two cell phone tower out here in Idaho Ė your phone doesnít even work.Mine hasnít gotten a connection since we got beyond Boise.But finally things came to life and for the first time in many days we saw REAL trees!We have seen only sagebrush for over a week I think.Today was Idaho potato field day.Acres and acres for mile on end Ė potatoes.This town we are in, Blackfoot, has a factory that make French fries and instant potato flakes.The temperature was predicted to be 98 degrees today but I didnít feel the heat hardly at all this afternoon.Then again, I got in before 3:00 today and the heat seems to be the hottest about 3:30 to 6:00.I was thrilled to get in so early on such a high mileage day.


Jumped right into the swimming pool to do my stretching out of the muscles.Wonderful, refreshing pool.Then into the whirlpool and let the jets finish off reviving me.Everyone drinks lots and lots of water from the time they get in and all through the evening. One rider, John, didnít eat or drink enough on the ride today and he ďbonkedĒ close to the end.He was suffering.It is crucial to eat and drink at all the stops and between stops too.He is sitting here in the lounge totally wiped out.Oh yes, mustnít forget todayís road kill count.1 porcupine, 1 cow, a rabbit and ONLY 2 snakes.


††††††††† At dinner last night, we got the full report on Harold.A very bad accident happened yesterday morning at the edge of town leaving Twin Falls.A guy driving a Ford Explorer, with 2 little kids with him, hit Harold.Word is the guy was driving into the sun with his visor down.Harold is in the hospital with a broken jaw and two broken back vertebrae.We are all sad that has happened to one of our group. Each of us will take one day and write to him for all the remaining days of the trip.


††††††††† Tonight the dinner is going to be catered by the Shilling House.I see them setting things up, grill and all.Front desk says they have great food.I sure canít complain about the meals we have had so far. I give it an ďAĒ on the report card.Also the motels have been good too.Several have been outstanding, most very comfortable, and only one was pretty cramped with 3 of us in the room.We are at each place for such a short time it really doesnít matter a whole lot what we are in.A bed and showers beats camping out side every night!God is good.



PS.††† Paul:The day off journal, I left it at the Boise hotel to fax and I forgot to pick up the originals.I donít know why you didnít get it.