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June 28


Thursday   June, 28            Twin Falls, ID   to   Burley, ID       39 miles


          The breakfast bar was super this morning served at the Ameritel Motel we are staying at.  They call these Continental Breakfasts but it was really a full breakfast. 

Since this was a very short ride day, we could sleep in a little.  I got on the road at 8 AM and stopped once at a Texaco Station for some post cards.  We had one check-in SAG stop, but I just signed in and took off.  I wasn’t hungry and my water was sufficient. 

I was the first one into our destination here in Burley, ID!!  Wow! That was a first – and doubt that will happen again. All the super fast riders must have slept in real late today.

          The scenery was a lot different today. Green crops for as far as the eye could see.  All the fields had irrigation systems watering the crops.  I saw mostly alfalfa, oats and yes, lots of Idaho potato fields.  It was much cooler today and no wind.  What a fun ride. The roads were good and I bet only 10 vehicles passed me from the time we got on country roads until the turn into Burley.  

Off in the distance hills and mountains are calling.  Tomorrow is going to be a long one, 110 miles, and we’ll be heading towards those higher up lands.  Could see some patches of snow on one of those higher elevations. 

I lucked out getting here so early and my room was ready.  Everyone arriving now is waiting around or hitting the K-Mart and Wal-Mart across the highway.

          One strange sight I saw on the way was this small airplane that kept flying around the traffic on Interstate 84.  I was biking on the county frontage road that paralleled the Interstate so I could look over to the right of me and I just couldn’t figure why this plane kept swooping down real low and darn near touch the traffic.   The plane repeatedly flew up and down over the cars.  Probably scaring them real good! 

          I’m trying to locate the public library in this town so I can see if they have computers to access the Internet.  I would like to read my e-mail. 

          Thanks to everyone for your e-mail notes to me.  Still can’t get my computer to connect up to Ohio ISP.

          I wish Paul a happy birthday today.


PS.  Paul – my cell phone won’t work out here in these last 2 towns.