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July 26


Thursday,July 26††† Port Huron, MI†† toLondon, Ontario Canada††††† 74 miles


†††† At route rap last night we were told we would not be able to ride our bikes over the bridge over Lake Huron to Sarnia, Canada.†† Doug had talked to Port Authorities earlier and he was told no bikes across the bridge.The plan was the two ABB fifteen passenger vans would load our bikes on the roof racks and drive us over and that would meanabout three trips with the vans.


†††† We were all up early ( I was downstairs by 5:30 ) having the Continental breakfast and waiting to get loaded for the transport across to Ontario, Canada.†† Then Doug came in with good news Ė we were going to be able to ride our bikes across the bridge.We had to do this before the night shift change at the Port Authority.We couldnít leave until 7:30.We sat around eating up everything they put out for the breakfast.( It was a great selection of food! )


†††† We lined up two by two and followed the lead van and bringing up the rear was the second van, luggage truck and mechanics truck.It was a really neat sight all of us biking en-mass. We were instructed that we had to get off our bike and walk it over the large expansion joints.They are wide and no way can you bike over them, the wheelswould fall right through if you tried.There was two sections of these on the bridge.


†††† It was a beautiful, sunny and cool morning as we made our way to the big bridge.It was windy. The view of the two towns on each side of the lake was outstanding.There were sail boats and freighters on the lake and the water was such a beautiful blue color.I couldnít get any pictures, but some were riding single handed and snapping shots.


†††† I chose to ride at the tail end of the pack.But doing this put me way last getting a start on the 70 miles.The day was wonderful as far as our weather but boy did we buck a strong head wind the whole time.I just couldnít find a comfortable gear to stay in.The strong gusts off wind, on coming big trucks and some rolling terrain would throw me off and I would have to go back and forth clicking into different gears.The wind and I just can not make friends!Looks like tomorrow we will again be heading right into the wind.†† These short mile days will be long days for me.


†††† The views of the countryside that we rode through today were very nice.I loved how green it was.The corn fields, soy beans and hay fields all looked very good.The corn is the tallest Iíve seen and all tasseled out with good sized ears of corn.We passed by many, many dairy farms on the back roads.The roads so far here in Canada are much, much better.The drivers are very biker friendly too giving us plenty of breathing room when passing.†† Very courteous.


†††† I canít help think how stress free this entire group is.We were talking about this at dinner tonight.For a group of 65 riders who are basically highly motivated, type A, driven individuals it is amazing how carefree, stress-free we are.Life out here is quite simple: Eat, ride, sleep Ė repeat.


†††† Wonder if the hotel will fax this to the USA for me?Hasnít been any problems so far Ė maybe Iíll have to pay for an international phone call to fax while here in Canada.


†††† I find it interesting going in to food stores, even the Quick Stop Shops, in a foreign Country.It kind of makes me stop for a minute when I see all the strange brand names.Interesting.