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July 19


Thursday, July 19

La Crosse, WI  to  Wisconsin Dells, WI

98 Miles

3,270’ Climbing


          Yesterday was just a warm-up for today. We did some serious climbing for the first 56 miles following hwy 33. The scenery was just beautiful. It reminded us a little of being back in parts of Oregon. We came into an area that had a lot of Amish people. Some in our group have never seen the “plain people”.  We passed several Amish in these horse drawn buggies and we saw families working on their gardens. This community of Amish was in a 10 miles stretch of our route.


It was very cloudy today and it could have rained at any time. But we didn’t get rained on. The humidity was still very high and we sure do sweat and drink lots and lots of water. I was coming in “dead last” this afternoon.  By 3:00 when I got to Reedsburg the sun came out and I nearly melted.  I was zapped of all my energy and it was a mental and physical challenge to continue.


          We are staying near 90-94 interstate just a mile from downtown Wisconsin Dells. Huge tourist place. We were transported to a big buffet restaurant for dinner this evening. I gave it a C-. Route rap will start in a few minutes. We have had three very long mileage days and we need a break!  Just 84 miles tomorrow. Yippee.


          I stood in line for the mechanic this afternoon. The mechanic has his time each day to attend to our bike mechanical problems. I thought my front where needed truing. On smooth road surface I could feel a thump-thump with every revolution. He found it only slightly out of true, but the real problem is the tire itself. A slight imperfection can be detected when run through the truing stand. I’ll have to buy a new tire next bike shop I come to. I hope I can find the Verdestein brand like I have on it now. I have one new on with me but will wait to get another one so I can run with two new ones. My back tire has several cuts. I’m keeping an eye on them to be sure the tubes doesn’t show through. If that happens, I’ll have to put a new tire on right away.


I am very tired tonight.