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July 20


Friday, July 20

Wisc Dells, WI to Fond du Lac, WI

85.00 Miles


          Left the motel at 6:30 and with three stops I arrived here in Fond du Lac before 2 PM. We traveled highway 23 most of the way except for some detours on back country roads where construction would have made it hard to go through.


I have to call today’s route Green Bean Alley. It was pretty funny because the entire time we were on Hwy 23, I saw on the shoulder every little ways a fresh garden picked green bean. They looked so good, I wanted to start picking them up and eating them. I figured the 60 or so miles I was on this road I would have quite a pan full. Of course all the other cyclist saw this too and we had to laugh at dinner when, guess what our vegetable was? Delicious green beans. Someone in the lead said a produce truck passed them and it was leaking beans.


          I felt great out there today even with the temperature at 92 degrees at 11 AM. It was very humid too, but what helped me is I went back to wearing my long sleeve Voler Team Jersey. It keeps the beating sun off my arms and the great fabric of this jersey wicks the perspiration away.


Mark, who rides a recumbent cycle, took a fall just two blocks before getting into the hotel. He was looking down at this map and struck a big pothole in the road and over he went. Ouch! He needed two stitched near his elbow.


          Talked to my first cousin Rodger today. He lives a short distance from where we stay tomorrow night. He said he will come late afternoon and we will go out for dinner. Such fun to see these relatives along the way on my trek across country.