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Prayer written by Nuala Filberg.

Used at a gathering of friends before

Sara left to begin her bike trip.

Prayer For Sara

Loving and good God, we come together this evening to ask your blessing on our sister Sara as she prepares for her trip to bike across the USA.  We ask you to protect her on her journey.  Let not rain nor wind, cold or heat deter her on her way.  Let her feel your help when going up hills or in the slight terror of descending again.  When she gets weary in body and spirit fill her with a new resolve and a new energy.  Sara has always lived towards your honor and glory and is undertaking this trip in the same spirit.  Not for her own aggrandizement but to praise you and to benefit your helpless people through Habitat for Humanity. Bless Sara's bike, her blue steel steed.  May it carry her safely on her journey and bring her back to us in joy and triumph.  We make our prayer through your holy mother Mary and St. Joseph and in your most blessed name, Jesus, amen