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July 22


Sunday, July 22

Manitowoe, WI to Ludington, MI

6 miles


Today was certainly different from our other rest days. But I probably rested more today then I have on our other off days. Breakfast was on our own this morning. I headed over to the Perkins next door for one of their peaches and cream muffins. I really enjoyed the fresh juicy peach Rodger left with me last night and I snaked on the wonderful bing cherries too. After I went back to the hotel it was still early and I went back for a little nap. I’m catching the cold Christine has had for a few days. Sore throat started last night and a cough too. Wal-Mart was open early so I biked over and got some Sudafed. Hopefully I’ll keep it under control and can still bike without any discomfort. This URI is making the rounds amongst us. I think it started with Larry way back when we were in Wyoming. Poor guy he sure had it rough going up over the Teton Mountain pass, climbing up 10% grade for miles coughing all the way. He was popping cough drops the whole way up.


          The luggage truck was out front at 9:30 and after loading our bags we headed out on our bikes the 3 miles to the lake and the boat. MaryAnn and I saw some of our group at the Premier Café. It was a small cute coffee house with a few locals sitting around. The six of us were having a good time visiting with the people, as they were so interested in our adventures. It was very hot and humid outdoors so we hung out there for quite a while in the air-conditioned place. All of us were to gather at the car ferryboat dock by noon. By 11:30 everyone was there. The SS Badger Steamboat was docked and cars were being driven on to the lower deck of the boat. Eventually we with our bikes walked on the boat and secured our bikes along the side rails. The ship holds 680 passengers. It uses 48 tons of coal to fuel it on the four-hour (60 mile) trip across Lake Michigan from Manitowoe, WI to Ludington, MI. It was quite a cruise boat with food, movies, games, entertainment, TV lounges and of course plenty of seating on decks to get a sun burn while we floated along at 18 mph. I had big plans to spend the four hours writing post cards. So much for those plans. I sat in a tilt back chair and fell asleep for three of the four hours! So my rest day really did turn our to be restful. We took our bikes off the boat with no problems and a block ahead was the “Welcome to Michigan” sign, our seventh state. Goodness it just doesn’t seem possible we have already crossed six state. Time is flying now. After tomorrow’s 105 mile to Mount Pleasant we don’t have any days over 90 miles. Great! Seven of us stopped on the way to our motel at a Chinese restaurant for dinner and loaded up on carbos for the long ride tomorrow. We can leave by 5:45 AM. I hear it will be cooler too.