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June 26


Tuesday, June 26              Boise ID to Mountain Home, ID              51 miles


Giving the butts a day off the saddle and everyone was ready to ride again.  Easy ride today.  Had a great tail wind all the way into Mountain Home, Idaho.  Saw several signs to the US Air Force  Base  located here.  It is 10 miles out of town.  We rode past a park that had an F-15 fighter jet  - Pretty impressive piece of air craft. 

Got on the road today at 7 AM.  We turned off the busy streets of downtown Boise and head out of town.  A couple of bikes right behind me saw 2 bucks in a school yard.  I just missed seeing them.  Darn near got lost at the 7 mile turn.   I was so impressed with the dam on the river that I  missed a turn.  A few of us finally figured out the our computers  were showing  we had gone over 8 miles.  Oops!   Turned around and found the turn. 

We aren’t out of rattle snake country yet.  I counted 19 rattlesnakes today!  Dead ones but nevertheless they still give me the “willies”.  We had to travel on the 10 foot wide berm of Interstate 84 for twenty miles. Those snakes just come right up out of the grasslands on to the road – some don’t make it very far. 

When we were coming out of Boise we went for several miles on a bike path that ran next to the highway.  I saw lots of quail birds.  They were funny trying to play some sort of game with me by running on the path about fifteen feet ahead of me. 

It was great to have a short easy ride just over 50 miles.  I got to Mountain Home by 11:30.  At the edge of town, I stopped at the Rattlesnake Steakhouse for lunch.  What a delightful interesting restaurant.  One of our bikers carries a video camera and she video taped this place.  It had a real old time early days Western Theme and décor.  Lots of terrific old West antiques.  The booths in one section were made to be covered wagons with a table in the center.  Scoops Ice Cream Parlor was connected to the restaurant.  They had the best shakes you ever could dream about.

          Stopping for lunch killed some time but I still got into the Best Western before the room was ready.  Most everyone went to the luggage pick up area – opened up and pulled out the bathing suits and went for the pool and patio and the whirlpool. 

          Today I should be meeting the new roommate who is joining in the ride from this point.

          Saw lots of tubes being patched tonight.  Lots of flats today.  Seems when we ride the Interstate, it is easy to run over small pieces of wire debris.  I lucked out today. 

Kim had a mishap today.  He was pulling up to the motel and reaching for his camera to take a picture.  He swerved into some gravel and did a slo-mo to the pavement. Ouch!