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June 24


Sunday†† June 24th†††† Ontario, OR†† to†† Boise, ID††††††††††† 62.88 miles†††† 2,000 feet of climb.


††††††††† Really needed this day!Easy ride, good roads and COOL.†† Up and out of room by 6 AM and went to breakfast next to the motel.On the road by 6:30 and right away we crossed the Snake River and crossed the Idaho State line.Yippee!One state down.Traveled mainly country roads in farm country.Saw lots of onion fields and the first corn too.It was five feet high in places.Other crops were red beets and wheat that was beginning to turn gold.We were in a wide valley.It is dry here and irrigation systems are running full speed.Sure would have liked to get in that water spray yesterday when it was 94 degrees.

When we got close to Boise, beginning in Middleton, there were hundreds of bicycles coming on tops of vans.It was the startinglocation for a big bike race, the HP Womenís Challenge.This is a 13 stage race that ended today.A few of us who were rolling into Boise at noon ended up on the race route and we all felt a little out of place riding through the finish line.Cameras all over, loud speakers telling about who was in the lead and people liningthe streets waiting for the racers to come in.They were about an hour behind us.

We cycled through downtown Boise and our hotel, the Courtyard by Marriott as near the river and Boise State University stadium.Many of us were in early, by noon, and the rooms werenít ready yet.Mausia, Gunnel, Florence and I decided to go next door to Perkins for some lunch.Good thing we werenít in a hurry, the service was mighty slow.Lunch took two hours!That was OK, because our rooms still werenít ready until nearly 4 PM.Lots of cyclists were cooling off in the pool in their bike shorts while they waited for the rooms.

††††††††† We had our Route Rap at 5 PM today. Since we have a rest day tomorrow, we got the map and cue sheet for Tuesday already.This way we didnít have to be bothered with any group meeting on our day off.

††††††††† We said goodbye to a few who were leaving the tour at this point. Iím sure going to miss our roommate Lee.She has been fun to get to know and ride with.Deb and Peg too were leaving.They all had work commitments and limited time off so they could only do these first 8 days.Nancy, Peg Deb, and I walked to the riverfront.This is a huge weekend festival that Boise has each year.A bazillion people were in the park along the river.Wall to wall people coming down for the food, to the live music concert and conclusion of the Riverfest with spectacular fireworks at 10 PM.Iím told this is the nations 6th most expensive fireworks production.Music is coordinated with all the fireworks that are set off.We stopped at the Table Rock Brewery and the gals who were leaving said their goodbyes to the other cyclists who were gathered there on the outdoor patio.

††††††††† Oh boy!I stayed up past 10 PM.But tomorrow we rest!