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June 14


This is June 14th.  I was up early this morning at 4:30 AM.  First thing I did was open my suitcase and try to eliminate some “stuff”.   I managed to take out one 5 oz bottle of chain lube.  It didn’t lighten up the baggage.  However, I added one more jacket, a handful of empty Baggies, another pair of bike socks, some summer shorts and a heating pad.  This medium size luggage was growing and I was too when I carried it.


My carry on held my laptop computer, papers, books, cords and chargers, cell phone and miscellaneous other things were jammed into this rolling portfolio luggage.


I also lugged with me a cardboard box containing just bike things, pedals, helmet, bike shoes, pedal wrench, multipurpose tool, a spare tire, tire tubes, handle bar bag, a rear bike rack, a rear bike bag, air pump, gloves, balaclava, seat tube and a saddle.


Well, I boarded the Continental flight in Cleveland at 2:30 P.M. and flew to Houston, Texas.  I only had half an hour to catch the flight to Portland Oregon.  Of course the gate was clear down at the opposite end of the terminal, a mile walk.  Isn’t that one of Murphy’s Laws?


The airport was jammed with travelers, I can tell that school is out and families are headed out for vacation travel.


The flight from Houston to Portland was about 4 ˝ hours.  I always ask for a window seat and so I can look out the window and see the terrain and topography changes as the plane flies along.  I spent 4 hours looking out the window. I love seeing how the earth changes.


Texas was flat.  It was spectacular view seeing the Great Salt Lake in Utah.  Wow! Did it get mountainous in Idaho and Oregon.  I kept imagining myself down there in a few days biking those roads.  The valleys were deep and the peaks were high. What a sight to fly right beside Mt. Hood near Portland. I could see the road we’ll be biking on in a few days.


I was, by this time, biting my nails and getting really exited ( maybe panic is a better word ). I can’t believe I’m here.


Well, I could not get the computer to dial up my Ohio Internet Provider.  So I’ll call Paul in the morning and try to figure this out. I’ll be so disappointed if I can’t make this computer work but we’ll keep trying.


That’s all for today.  Bye.