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July 3


Tuesday, July 3†††† Dubois, WY†† to†† Riverton, WY††††††††† 79.56 miles


††††††††† We were glad to leave the Stagecoach Inn.No air conditioning in any of the rooms last night.The temp was in the upper 90ís and the brick on the outside of the rooms was still hotat 9:30,could hardly touch them.Everyone had their curtains up over the rods and windows wide open.Not much help.No breeze.However by morning when we woke at five it was nice and cold.


††††††††† The first 45 miles out of town the roads and the ride are what bikers dream of.We were going as if our bikes had wings on them.Our pedals were going round in a blur.Tailwind, downhill with gentle rolling ups that we flew over.I averaged 20 MPH those miles.And the scenery was wonderful, the rock formations have red lines in them.As we rode along going East on US 26, over to the South, the snow capped Rockies mountain range was still in sight.I checkedin at the last SAG stop at 10:30.Only twenty miles to go!I was figuring to get in the Riverton Holiday no later than noon.Perfect!This would give me an extra half day to rest up for the 120 mile ride on schedule for tomorrow.So much for that plan.The winds shifted all the way around from tail to head.I bet it was 35-40 MPH head wind for the last 15 miles.There isnít much that can test perseverance more than riding directly into a wind that strong.So much for getting in before noon.I consoled myself by thinking 1 PM still would be better than late afternoon.The heat was terrible,must be in the 90ís already.The watermelon slices at the SAG were so refreshing.


††††††††† Well, I did beat my estimation a little and got in just after 12:30 Ė and my room was ready.Ahhhh Ė sweet air conditioning.Big numbers of bikes were propped outside the Dairy Queen a block from the hotel.We were given a letter, as we checked in, that the Holiday Inn is giving us a reception from 3 Ė 5.Refreshments and appetizers.How Nice.


††††††††† Today from the road I saw: Horses, Prairie Dogs, Pickup Trucks with a dog riding in the back, a Baltimore Oriole bird, Roses, Cattle Guard crossings ( they are a pain to go over on a bike), the Wind River, Horses, Lakes and more Horses. I keep wondering, whythere are so many horses out here?They donít look like working type equines and I havenít come across ground horse burger anywhere, so whatís with all the thousands of horse ranches here in Wyoming?I notice they always have their heads down, munching on the grasses.Maybe thatís how they do the mowing out here!


††††††††† This morning before going out of town ( and before breakfast ), I went into the Cowboy Cafe back in Dubois.They had wonderful homemade fruit pies.Apple pies made with real apples (not from a can) and flaky tender crust.I know it made me pedal that much faster today.


††††††††† I can feel myself getting stronger all the time.I am having a wonderful time on this, plus or minus, eight hour-a -day exercise program!


P.S. The sign at the bank in town reads 100 degrees.