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July 24


Tuesday, July 24

Mount Pleasant MI to Birch Run

74.67 miles

13.5 Avg ††22.7 Max


It had to be hotter than hell out there today! I felt like a piece of meat on a bar-b-que grill.


For the last three nights at route rap, Doug has said it would be cooling down. I swear it is getting hotter.


Some of the real black surface roads are pure ovens. Michigan roads are lousy. We had some really bad sections again today that were so bumpy they darn near rattle the brains loose, as well as rattle the bikes too.


Sure was nice getting in just after noon today. 75 miles was easy and I have had a good afternoon getting all my laundry done and I spent an hour cleaning my bike. There were lots of us outside in the shade cleaning our steeds.


I set up my laptop computer today and thought just maybe it would connect in to my Ohio ISP. Still wonít complete the connection. I did download about 50 pictures from my digital Camera memory card. Iím storing them on the laptop and will get them in a photo gallery on this web site when I get back to Ohio.


One of the motel housekeepers was so excited when the bikes and bikers started coming in. She ran up to me in the hall with a pen and paper asking for my autograph! Can you believe it? Frances was coming down the hall too and she ran up to her too. The woman was so thrilled, she just kept saying this was the greatest thing, getting autographs of someone cycling all the way from the Pacific to the Atlantic.


††††††††† The library is about two miles from here. I was hoping to get there and read my e-mail. But it was just too dang hot to get out there in the hottest part of the day. Maybe tomorrow.