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July 14


Saturday, July 14        Rest Day  at   Sioux Falls, S.D.       0 miles


          Had a very nice day here in Sioux Falls.  In the morning, I joined others out doors who were cleaning their bikes. I strip the chain of all lube and wash it down well and dry everything  and the re-lube the chain and all the other parts such as the derailleur pivot points and the shift lever pivots.   I take the ice bucket from the motel room put the plastic bag liner in it and fill it with hot water and detergent.  I use an old tooth brush to clean between the chain links and all the gear cogs.


          I wanted to get downtown to see some things and just browse around.  It was about a 5 mile walk so I decided to ride my bike.  I went to the public library and read my e-mail and then inquire where a good place to have lunch in the downtown might be.  I went for a leisurely ride over a few blocks and down Phillips Street.  There was a nice section with specially stores that were fun to window shop.  Lunch was at Kristina’s  Bakery and Café .  She had nice sandwiches and a variety of teas, coffees and desserts.  I liked the breakfast casserole of potatoes, peppers, onions, poached eggs and topped with a crusted melted cheese.  Others from our group were seen down in this part of town too.  I was going to go to the bike shops but it was getting really hot and it would have been a few more miles to go.  I headed back to the Brimark Inn to take a nap before leaving for Church at 3:45.


          Irv’s wife and daughter were in town and he took Mary Ann and me with them in their car to St.  Joseph’s Cathedral.  It was a large and beautiful cathedral with magnificent stained glass windows.  It was nice to get the ride to and from the motel.


          Larry and his wife who had flown in from California for the day, Mary Ann, Dick and I went back downtown to Minerva’s for a wonderful dinner.  The food was excellent and we enjoyed visiting and dining together. 


So another rest day, our third, is ending and we’ll be ready to see what lies ahead when we get to Minnesota tomorrow.